By the financial help of TOSHIBA CORPORATION and Kokusai Kogyo Holdings Co., Ltd.,
and cooperation of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., the Hydronet Energy successfully carried out the third year of international symposium “Tokyo Lights Africa”.

Opening Remarks

Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa (Uganda)

Lectures and Presentations

Lecture:「Smart Grid Deployment for Africa」
Dr. Hiroshi Suzuki, GE Energy


Lecture: 「Digital Grid in Africa for Innovative Future of Electricity」
Professor Rikiya Abe, Advantage Partners Socio-Strategic Investment Laboratory,
Graduate Course of Technology Management for Innovation, School of
Engineering The University of Tokyo



Presentation:Mr. Masazumi Taniya, President, Infrastructure Innovation Institute, Kokusai Kogyo Group, introducing their solar business

「The Outlook of Japanese Renewable Energy Feed-in-Tariff Act」

Mr. Takahide Soeda, Deputy Director, New and Renewable Energy Division, Agency
for Natural Resources and Energy, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


Address by Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali (Djibouti)

Presentation:Mr. Shoji Takenaka, Chief Fellow, Smart Community Division,
Toshiba Corporation, introducing their smart grid business

Panel Discussion by business leaders and professor

Session 1:Vision and request from Renewable Energy and Smartgrid Developers
Session 2:Marketing vision of Renewable Energy and Smartgrid to Developing Markets

From Government: Mr. Takahide Soeda, Deputy Director, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
From Academia: Professor Rikiya Abe, Tokyo University
From Smart Grid Business:Mr. Shoji Takenaka, Chief Fellow, Toshiba
From Smart Grid Business:Dr. Hiroshi Suzuki, GE Energy

Panel discussion moderator Mr. Hiroki Kudo, Adjunct Instructor of Tokyo
University, Director for Global Environment and Sustainable Development
Unit of The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.

Ivy Wang, Programme Manager and Chinese Interpreter, Hydronet Energy