By financial help of Japan Post, Itochu Corporation, Japan Asia Group and TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Hydronet Energy successfully carried out the third year of international symposium “Tokyo Lights Africa” on 5th October, 2012.


Lecture「The Global Forecast of Energy Demand toward Low Carbon Society」
Dr. Ryoichi Komiyama, Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, Tokyo University


Presentation 「Clean Coal and Carbon Capture Technology for Thermal Power Plants (also referring to General Description of Power Generation and History of Efficiency Development)」
Mr. Yukihiko Kazao, Technology Executive, Thermal & Hydro Power Engineering, TOSHIBA CORPORATION


Presentation 「Geospatial Technologies for Environment Conscious City Planning and Construction Management」
Mr. Koichi Tsuno, General Manager, Technology Development Division, KOKUSAI KOGYO CO., LTD.


Panel Discussion 「The Technologies to meet the Increasing Energy Demand and Global Warming Issues」
Moderator:Dr. Tsutomu Toichi, Advisor, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Brief lecture about international energy market (Dr. Toichi)

Ambassador Ahmed Araita Ali , the Ambassador from Djibouti to Japan

MC Ivy Wang, Program Manager, Hydronet Energy