With financial support of Japan Post, Itochu Corporation and Toshiba Corporation, Hydronet Energy successfully carried out the international symposium “Tokyo Carbon Conference 2013” on 4th October 2013. We welcomed a Senator in charge of Japan global warming policy, a Senior Government Executive responsible for Japan nuclear policy, a Senior Administration Officials of Tokyo Metropolitan Government who have charge of environment policy, and a High-Class Engineer taking after smart community technology in global leading company Toshiba.


「The Climate Change Policy of Japan Government toward Low Carbon Society」 His Honorable Senator Masaharu Nakagawa, Member of House of Councillors, National Diet of Japan (Former Administrative Vice Minister of the Environment)

Senator Masaharu Nakagawa, who has been deeply-committed with global warming policy for long years, stressed the importance to set a national GHG emission reduction target.
(The Japan Government happens to make an announcement for 3.8 percent GHG reduction target one month later) PDF download


「Role of Nuclear Energy in Climate Change Strategy after Fukushima Nuclear Disaster」 Professor Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice - Chairman, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
Professor Suzuki addressed the latest condition of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, and then taught the relation between climate change policy and nuclear energy with showing three scenarios. He also addressed the roadmap toward low carbon society, which proved nuclear energy is yet indispensable in the sustainable in the future energy vision.PDF download


「Toward a Smart Energy City - Tokyo’s Initiative」 Ms. Miwa Jinno, Director for International Environment Cooperation, Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Ms. Jinno lectured that Tokyo is emitting a great amount of GHG even equals to Bulgaria or Iceland, and that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is now implementing several effective measures to reduce emissions to build smart community. She also presented their ambitious emission trading system which would cover almost 40% of commercial & industrial sectors’ emissions.PDF download


「TOSHIBA Smart Community - An Introduction」Mr. Kenji Suzuki, Chief Specialist, Smart Community Division, Toshiba Corporation
Mr. Suzuki introduced Toshiba’s advanced smart community projects already developing in many places in the world, and also explained the roles of major components with holding their Lyon Project as example.PDF download

Alicia Rose, The George Washington University, International Affairs
(Studying at Waseda University)

Miho Kisaka Sciences II, Undergraduate Programs, the University of Tokyo
(Programme Manager , Hydronet Energy)

Haruka Yuminaga, Aoyama Gakuin Highschool
(Hydronet Energy)