Authorized NPO First Access successfully carried out the international symposium gTokyo Carbon Conference 2016 -gThe Leading-edge Low Carbon Power Generation Technologyhh on 15th September 2017, thanks to our honorable sponsors OSAKI CoolGen Corporation (a joint corporation of Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. and Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.), and Spanner Re2 GmbH.


uThe Impact of Geothermal Power to Energy Security and Climate Change Policy of Djiboutiv
His Excellency Dr. Hans Carl von Werthern, the Ambassador of Germany to Japan

The first speaker was His Excellency Dr. Hans Carl von Werthern, the Ambassador of Germany to Japan. Ambassador Werthern introduced the successful low carbon politics of Germany gEnergiewendeh, which means the transition from conventional energy system to a low carbon, environmentally sound, reliable, and affordable energy supply.

Siting the winning record of Germany that renewables have become No. 1 power source in 2015, we learned Energiewende is already been widely accepted from German society.


uImpact of small wood fired combined heat powerv
Dr. Oskar Bartenstein, CEO, Spanner KK

In the next place, Dr. Oskar Bartenstein, the CEO of Spanner KK gave presentation to introduce the great capability of electricity and heat from wood.

He pointed out that while typical biomass cogeneration plants are smaller than thermal or nuclear power plants commonly used by power utilities, we can say those are superior from five points gLiberalizedh, gDistributedh, gHighly-efficienth, gRenewableh and gLocalh. And he also noted that using fossil fuel is not only wasting two third of energy and money for its low efficiency, but also we are afflicting people of oil-producing countries by financing many wars.

On the other hand, thanks to the recent development of electric vehicles, biomass cogeneration has added one more value gTransportationh to gelectric powerh and gheath. Therefore, biomass cogeneration has become much superior energy solution especially in remote woody areas, where are costly to supply power and oil all the time.


uThe Description and Progress Report ~ Ultimate Coal fired Power Generation "Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle (IGFC) with CO2 Capture system" Demonstration Projectv
Mr. Yasuhiro Murakami, Sub Manager, OSAKI CoolGen Corporation

The second half started with the presentation of Mr. Yasuhiro Murakami, Sub Manager, OSAKI CoolGen Corporation. OSAKI CoolGen was co-established, by Chugoku Electric Power Corporation and Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. (J-POWER), to develop low carbon coal fired power generation technology.

While coal fired power plant is not only superior to other fossil fuels (such as oil and gas) with respect to energy security, cost and role of base load power source, its high CO2 emission had been a great challenge toward low carbon society. In the context of demand to develop low carbon coal fired power generation, Osaki Coolgen is now planning the roadmap to complete Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle (IGFC) and Fuel Cell Combined Cycle.

1st stage|IGCC (Energy efficient low emission power generation technology)cStarted March 2017
2nd stage|IGCC + CO2 capturecCompleted by fiscal year 2020
3rd stage|IGCC + CO2 capture + Fuel cellcCompleted by fiscal year 2021


uThe worldsf first thermal power system capable of capturing 100% of CO2 emissions - - - System description and development status of its demo-plantv
Mr. Takashi Sasaki, Chief Technology Executive, Energy Systems & Solutions Company, Toshiba Corporation

The next speaker was Mr. Takashi Sasaki, the Chief Technology Executive of Toshiba.

The development of thermal power plant efficiency has made progress as gSub-Criticalh, gUSC (Ultra Super Critical)h, gA-UAS (Advanced Ultra Super Critical Steam Condition)h and ICGG (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle). It is true that in the course of those advancements, the generation efficiency has been greatly improved. But on top, Toshibafs Direct-Fired Supercritical Oxy-Combustion CO2 Power Cycle Demonstration became the first successful example to capture 100 percent of CO2 for power generation.

Point 1: Although the limit of CO2 capture was believed as 90%. However, with the aid of groundbreaking technology gOxy-fuel Combustionh which utilizes CO2 as an essential part of system, they could finally achieve 100% carbon capture.
Point 2: Able to function without installing additional equipment

Necessarily, this excellent low carbon technology is sure to contribute greatly to our future low carbon society.

Panel Discussion

uThe Future Trend of Global Geothermal Power Markethv

EAmbassador Dr. Hans Carl von Werthern (Germany)
EAmbassador Andre Aranha Correa do LAGO (Brazil)
EDr. Oskar Bartenstein (CEO, Spanner KK)
EMr. Takashi Sasaki (TOSHIBA)
EMr. Yasuhiro Murakami (OSAKI CoolGen Corporation)
EMs. Jean Wang (First Access)

Professor Jun Arima, Graduate School of Public Policy, Tokyo University

At the front of Panel Discussion, Ambassador Lago delivered a highly suggestive lecture about Low Carbon Technology, referring to gIntended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)h and gNational System for Control of the Origin of Forestry Products - SINAFLORh.

Ambassador Lago who has been involved with energy issues is the Ambassador most acquainted with climate change in Brazil (and maybe the Ambassador most familiar to climate change / energy issue in the world).

The event entered into Panel Discussion, the final phase of todayfs event which was moderated by world class facilitator Professor Jun Arima. All participants were greatly impressed with his way to bring all panelists to sophisticated discussion.

Ms. Wang Jing, Executive Director, First Access