The electric power market in Japan is to be completely liberalized from April 2016.

First Access was honored to welcome the three top players of the Japan power market, namely Tokyo Electric Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company, and new entrant giant Ennet, to introduce their strategies toward the competitive market.

Furthermore, Toshiba will describe the future of Smart Grid technology which can combine low carbon society in the competitive market.

Finally, Professor Nobuo Tanaka, the Former Executive Director of International Energy Agency is to serve as moderator of panel discussion.

You are cordially invited to join "Tokyo Carbon Conference 2015" to witness this exciting symposium.

Event Name Tokyo Carbon Conference 2015
“How to develop Low Carbon Energy in the Liberalized Power Market”
Date 27th November 2015 (Fri) 16:00p.m. - 18:30p.m.
Place Main Conference Room, Sanjo kaikan, Tokyo University 
TEL:03-5800-1501    Access Map
Agenda First Half <Lecture>
Ms. Eriko Sato, Executive Officer, Vice President, Customer Service Company, TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
"The challenge of Tokyo Electric Power Company to the Power Market Full Liberalization"
Professor Kiyoshi Nishimura, General Manager, Marketing, The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated
"Value Creation and EE promotion by Kansai Electric Power under the System Reformation"
Coffee Break
Last Half <Lecture>
"Development of smart service for low carbon society"
Mr. Kazuya AKIYAMA, Executive Manager, Corporate Strategy Division, Ennet Corporation
<Panel Discussion>
Professor Nobuo Tanaka, Former Executive Director, International Energy Agency (President, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation)

*Professor Kiyoshi Nishimura,The Kansai Electric Power
*Mr. Kazuya AKIYAMA, Ennet
*Mr. Shoji Takenaka, TOSHIBA

  • 1. TOSHIBA Presentation: Mr. Shoji Takenaka, Executive Officer, Chief Fellow, TOSHIBA Corporation
    "Toshiba Smart Grid Technology to Bring Low Carbon Energy in the Free Power Market"
  • 2. The Outlook of Smart Grid / Smart Community Technology Development in the Free Power Market
  • 3. How to attain "2030 Power Source Best Mix" policy in the competitive market
Organizer First Access (NGO), GREEN HEARTS (Student Group of the University of Tokyo)
Backup The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Invited Guests Ambassadors, Businessmen, Professors, Students
Language Power Points Written in English, Explained in Japanese
Registration, Fee No charge needed (FREE)
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