2018 Tokyo Carbon Conference

Event Name 2018 Tokyo Carbon Conference 
“The Leading-Edge Solar Technologies”
Objective To share experiences and provisions towards a Low Carbon Society
Date 15:00 - 17:00, 22th November 2018 (Thu)
Venue Akamon General Research Building A200, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo    Access Map
Sponser SMA Japan
Participate Brazil Embassy, SMA Solar Technology AG,Solar for Japan, PROINSO Japan Agent/SMA Solar Technology, Toshiba
Host First Access (NGO), GREEN HEARTS (Student Group of Tokyo University)
Backup The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ), Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Language English (without translation)
Expected Visitors Ambassadors / Diplomats of EU, USA, Middle East, Asian countries, Businessmen, NGO, Professors, Students
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First Half Presentation
First Access ・Reviewing the ten years of Tokyo Carbon Conference - Ms. Leah Han, Chief Digital Officer, First Access
・Report of first student delegation to Africa - Mr. Koki Kanagawa, Field Researcher, First Access
Keynote Lecture (18min) Brazil Embassy Climate Change and Solar Energy Policies in Brazil
-Ms. Gabriela Resendes, Conselheira, Embaixada do Brasil
Solar for Japan, PROINSO Japan Agent/SMA Solar Technology ・How to access Japanese financing
・Key to successful solar projects
・Most advanced solar technologies
-Mr. Makoto Ijuin,
CEO, Solar for Japan, PROINSO Japan Agent/SMA Solar Technology
Coffee Break
Last Half Presentation
Toshiba Light and low-cost film based photovoltaic module and its application for low-carbon society
- Dr. Yutaka Sata, Director, Corporate Research & Development Center, Research & Development Division, Toshiba Corporation
Panel Discussion (20min) “The Future Trend of Solar Technology”
Brazil Embassy, PROINSO Japan Agent , Toshiba, First Access
・Moderator; Professor . Jun Arima, The University of Tokyo
Reception Event Participants are invited to Free Reception
Further information First Access
TEL:03-5843-6966 E-mail:info@hydro-net.org