Although the developed world has been enjoying the newest technologies for over two hundred years, the world is now almost ignoring the fact that the developing nations are quite more vulnerable to climate change, which is widely considered as the principal factor of global warming.
However, as the Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama committed to reduce 25 percent of carbon dioxide at year 202, some countries including the United States became more motivated for CO2 reduction.

Carbon Offset

"Tokyo Lights Africa 2009" is funded by the carbon offset foundation of Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. (JP), ITOCHU Corporation and Kokusai Kogyo Holdings (KKHD).


Tokyo Lights Africa 2009 will take place at 10th October 2009, at Sumitomo Hall, Sumitomo Shinjuku Building, Shinjuku Japan.

At the event, Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa, the Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda to Japan will give the keynote address.

Three experts are planned to explain about global warming and solar power, and participants can also enjoy African dance, funk music and African food.

Within the event, the electric light would be darkened and be replaced by solar lights. After the event, the lights will be sent to Africa. The total lights donated by this event are presently 750 units.

Most African children in rural area are struggling with darkness. After Tokyo Lights Africa 2009, 750 children can have bright, free and safe light, which will enable them to study for their future.


  • Opening Remarks by Ambassador Biriggwa
  • Presentation of Climate Change by Graduate Students of Tokyo University
  • African Dance
  • Presentation of Climate Change by Fuluhashi Environmental Institute
  • Presentation of solar energy by KKHD
  • Jazz song by Mitsukita(Mitsukita OFFICAIAL WEB-SITE
  • Jazz song by Kitsukita Asian funk music by KiYOMi & Issei(KiYOMi&ISSEI OFFICAIAL WEB-SITE